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Welcome to the Annex

The annex is a new feature we are offering to our customers.


In the Annex, you will find listings for Ready to Ship, Prototypes, One of a Kind, and Discounted items.

Ready to Ship are items we currently have available here at the shop that can ship within a day of placing your order. These items will change regularly and, sometimes, quite quickly. Often, they will be items that are slated to ship later in the week to a convention or faire. Once they are shipped off, they will no longer be available in the Annex for quick ship. Only the size, color and style listed will be available for quick shipping. Most items will be regular items that you can order from our standard website at our regular shipping times. Ready to Ship items can be exchanged for size or color, but exchanges then become standard orders and are subject to standard order shipping times. Returns are not accepted.

Prototypes are the first of a kind. They may be anything from a new doublet style to a new steampunk dress or outfit. These items may or may not ever be put into production, possibly making the prototype a one of a kind item. Most prototypes will be our size 4, or size small. Prototypes can be returned for store credit, no refunds.  Replacement of the same item in a different size will not always possible.

One of a Kind items are more elaborate versions of items always available from us. They are made with higher-end materials, may have additional features, such as added trim, or alterations to our traditional designs that make them unique. These features would normally make these outfits much more expensive. However, because we will be using materials purchased at special prices, we are able to make them more affordable here. These items can be returned for store credit, but not refunds.  Replacement with the same fabrics would not be possible.

Discounted items are products that have either been in stock too long or may have slight defects or damage.  Items listed as discount cannot be exchanged or returned.