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the Tragedian Doublet (fabric)

Men's Doublets

the Tragedian Doublet (fabric)


the Tragedian Doublet (fabric)


The Tragedian doublet is open from the shoulder to the waist on both sides of the front and back, exposing the shirt beneath. The pieces lace together at the waist with grommets. The center back is grommetted and laced from the collar to the waist. The sleeves are also open in two places and laced back together at the wrist.

Lined with black cotton, the standard size doublet is adjustable to fit most sizes. Laced completely closed, it is comparable to a 42 jacket, loosening the sides increases the size. Up to a 48 fits comfortably. Side panels are available for larger sizes. Also available in Tall, Small, Small Tall and X-Large. Please visit our sizing page for more information.

The fabric is generally a chenille in a floral or geometric pattern and is available in Black, Red, Brown or Blue (not all patterns are available in all colors. Fabric availability changes.)

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If you want to order this doublet without sleeves, you can do that here:

the Pendragon Shirt

Generously sized men's shirts in brushed cotton featuring a tie detail at the collar and pleated cuffs.

They are available in White, Natural, and Black. They can be custom ordered in other colors.

Men's Breeches
from 60.00

Knee length breeches made of either cotton, brocade, chenille or leather.

Available in a variety of colors, including black, green, navy, red, purple and burgundy.

They look great alone or under our Italian Pants to look like Panes Slops.

Italian Pants

Leather panes sewn to a waistband. The waistband is a casing with a belt (included) that acts like a drawstring (to adjust to fit all sizes). Panes can be brown suede, black suede or black leather. There is a tie at the knee.

When paired with the fabric breeches in one of our standard brocades, they look exactly like the Paned Slops, but with the added benefit of being able to wash your pants!

Also available in chenille to match the fabric doublets.