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We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal payments.

Please note:
Payment in full is charged to your card when you place your order, unless prior arrangements have been made. If you wish to do "layaway" or make payments, you can do so, but we do not begin working on your order until at least half is paid ... which means your 6-8 week mark starts when you pay half, not necessarily when you order. All payments, whether they be in full or towards a layaway are non-refundable at any time. If you have made payments towards a particular item which you no longer want, you may use that money towards another item. Layaway payments left outstanding for more than a year may be considered forfeit unless you contact us and make prior arrangements. If you place an item on layaway at a faire, the manager will expect you to pay it off in full before the last weekend. If you can not, please contact us. The exact item the manager is holding for you may be returned to stock and your payments put toward an item that will then be made for you at the time you pay off your layaway.